Tech News: T-Mobile cellular coverage improved at Texas Children’s

T-Mobile is now operational on Texas Children’s/ATT in-house cellular network, providing more reliable cellular coverage for T-Mobile customers on Main Campus. This means all T-Mobile users – employees, patients, families and visitors – will now experience the same LTE signal strength AT&T cellular customers currently enjoy.

Cellular solution
The cellular infrastructure was donated and installed by AT&T as part of a 2010 pledge to the Heal Sick Children Campaign to provide a complete in-building cellular solution. T-Mobile is the first cellular carrier to work with AT&T to access the network for use by their customers, and we are working to expand access to Verizon customers as well (no ETA). We will continue to partner with other carriers to improve the cellular experience for as many of our customers and employees as possible.

The improved cellular coverage is available in the following locations: Abercrombie Building, Clinical Care Center, Feigin Center, Meyer Building, the Pavilion for Women, West Tower and the parking garages. Please note: Cellular signal strength is dependent on many factors. Your mileage may vary.

Information Services is dedicated to providing a secure, reliable technology environment. If you have questions about cellular coverage at Texas Children’s, please contact the IS Service Desk at Ext. 4-3512 (external 832-824-3512).

Thank you for your support.