Tech Alert: Connect sites and workflows in read-only status during scheduled update

Connect sites, workflows and applications will be available in a full, read-only status for 24 hours while Information Services begins migrating the SharePoint platform to a new server, scheduled from 8 p.m., Friday, July 7, to 8 p.m., Saturday, July 8.

Why is this happening?
We have outgrown the current host server, which the vendor no longer supports. Moving SharePoint to a new server will enhance the performance and reliability of Connect, and provide us with support options.

How will the update affect me?
All Connect site content will be available in a “read-only” format. Actions requiring changing/updating (i.e. site updates, workflow changes) will be unavailable during the 24-hour update window. During this time:

  • You can navigate to all sites as usual
  • You can access and read content on all departmental and team sites, as usual
  • All links will be available and function as usual
  • You cannot complete changes or updates to pages, specifically:
    • Any Connect-related approvals (i.e. access modifications, etc.)
    • Making changes to all (including Epic-specific) workflows
    • Updating information in applications
    • Search functionality
  • All Connect functionality will return to normal after the update is complete

New server, same experience
After the migration, Connect will continue to look and function like it does today (except better!). Note: Due to the size of Connect, IS will complete the migration in three phases. Watch for notifications of the future migration schedule.

Please contact the IS Service Desk at Ext. 4-3512 (external 832-824-3512) with questions.

Thank you for your support.