Tech Alert: 10-digit dialing required to call TCHP/The Centers

The way you call Texas Children’s Health Plan (TCHP) and The Centers for Children and Women has changed. Texas Children’s callers must now dial the full, 10-digit phone number when calling TCHP or The Centers.

Have all phone numbers become 10-digits?
The vast majority have become 10-digit numbers. Voalte phones retained 5-digit dialing capability.

Where can I find the new 10-digit number?
Phone numbers for both TCHP and The Centers are updated on Connect under the “People Directory.”

What happens if I forget and dial a 5-digit number?
You should hear a message reminding callers that 10-digit numbers are now required.

Information Services is dedicated to providing a secure, reliable technology environment. For more information on 10-digit dialing for TCHP/The Centers, please contact the IS Service Desk at ext. 4-3512 (external 832-824-3512).