Single-Visit Surgery Program to include Otolaryngology services at West Campus

The Department of Surgery is pleased to announce that our Single-Visit Surgery Program is expanding current services at West Campus to include ear tube surgery for qualifying patients.

“The expansion of our Single-Visit Surgery Program offerings at West Campus is yet another way we’re improving access to our care for our patients and families,” said Surgeon-in-Chief Dr. Larry Hollier. “Allowing them to come in, receive an evaluation by a surgeon or surgical advanced practice provider, and then move directly on to a short surgical procedure, such as ear tubes, is an incredible convenience.”

When a pediatrician or community primary care physician recommends a minor procedure for a child, a separate preoperative visit to confirm that the child needs surgery might not be necessary. The additional visit might also create added stress for the family, who must take their child out of school, take time off of work, and travel to a potentially crowded hospital and find parking.

Texas Children’s Single-Visit Surgery Program helps alleviate some of that stress by combining the preoperative clinic evaluation and surgical procedures into one convenient hospital visit. Patients with straightforward surgical problems can be assessed in clinic and have their surgery on the same day, with the same results as if the child had a preoperative visit.

Not only is single-visit surgery a benefit for our patients and families, but it also helps Texas Children’s provide world-class care for even more patients.

“By streamlining processes through single-visit surgery, we’re able to free up limited clinic space,” Hollier said. “That means resources can be reallocated elsewhere and physicians can help other children who need us. That’s good for Texas Children’s, and it’s great for our patients and families.”

In addition to ear tube surgeries now being offered, the program at West Campus also includes expertise from our Hand Program (Plastic Surgery and Orthopedics), and from the divisions of Pediatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery. Same-Visit Surgery Program services for Pediatric Surgery are also available at our Texas Medical Center campus in Wallace Tower. Department of Surgery leadership are already considering what other conditions we could add to our offerings in the future.

“Many of our specialty areas have those conditions where a separate preoperative visit wouldn’t be necessary or add to the care of the child,” Hollier said. “We’ll continue to explore other ways to expand the program and offer even more improved access to the care we provide.”

To view a list of procedures available at both campuses, visit the website.

To make an appointment at West Campus, please call 832-227-2SVS (832-227-2787).

To make an appointment at The Medical Center – Wallace Tower, please call 832-822-3135.