Security measures enhanced to monitor concerning behavior

Texas Children’s primary goal is to treat children and women during their medical time of need. To accomplish this, the organization must maintain a safe environment for its patients, staff and visitors at all times. That’s why security at Texas Children’s is paramount and the security team at the organization is constantly looking for ways to improve the safety of its medical community. One such measure recently put into place focuses on monitoring patient families with possible security concerns.

In partnership with the Information Services Epic team, Security Services has developed a flag in Epic labeled “Security Concern” that will be placed on a patient’s chart to identify individuals, patients or other parties who have displayed behavior of a concerning nature. Unit or department leaders will be alerted each time a patient with this flag has an appointment or is admitted to the hospital, and based on the severity of incidents, a security plan may be created to address any issues and/or mitigate the likelihood of a repeat event.

A member of the security leadership team will maintain the record for the duration of the patient’s treatment.

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