Security Alert

The Security Department at Texas Children’s receives information about activities in and around the Texas Medical Center area. Recently the Texas Children’s Hospital Security has been made aware of several incidents in the surrounding areas adjacent to the Texas Medical Center that we feel needs to be shared for awareness and personal safety purposes. The following scams and/or incidents have occurred recently close to the area:

  • The scam involves individuals driving around the Texas Medical Center area attempting to scam other drivers by notifying them that their vehicle is experiencing tire problems. They initiate contact by pulling up next to a person driving a vehicle, while continuously honking their horn to get the driver’s attention. Once attention of the driver has been gained, the individuals will then shout at the driver informing them of the presumable tire issue. The individuals then attempts to pressure the driver to pull over as they offer to help and fix/or repair the tire. Once the driver pulls over the individuals pretend to work on the damaged tire and then demand monetary payment.
  • Another scam or potential theft is, a person withdrawing large sums of money from a local bank are followed to their parking destination and once exiting their vehicle, the individuals break into the vehicle looking or obtaining the cash left in the car.
  • Another potential theft is while filling up your vehicle at a gas station there has been reports of thieves crawling up to the opposite side of the car in which an unlocked door or open window is used to steal items from the car.
  • Last occurred recently on the light rail station where an individual was talking on their cell phone and not aware of their surrounding as they walked on the platform. Two individuals ran up, slapped the phone out of their hand, grabbed the phone and took off running.

Simple precautions in your routine can keep you from being a victim:

  • First be knowledgeable of your surroundings and people that are around you, especially if you are travelling alone or during evening or night hours.
  • If something seems suspicious, trust your instincts and leave right away or call for help.
  • When driving a vehicle, check the outside of your vehicle before driving.
  • Secure possessions out of plain sight, to reduce the chance of your vehicle being burglarized.
  • Do not pull over for individuals you do not know or trust.
  • If you are being followed do not drive home. Drive to the nearest police station, police officer or other location where someone can provide help.
  • If a situation or incident occurs report it right away to the police.
  • Think twice before fighting; property can be replaced – your life cannot.

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