Sandy Rodriguez

Front Desk, POGS
2017 Caught You Caring recipient

Sandy Rodriguez demonstrates her true commitment to patients and their families each day through example. She is the pinnacle of leadership, working to ensure all patients are taken care of and their needs are met. When presented with an issue, she seeks out the solution that efficiently brings about a solution for everyone. That may mean walking back and determining where an order is, assessing whether the paperwork is complete, or help answer patients’ questions. Through this extra effort, follow up calls are reduced, patient anxiety is lessened, and general workloads on many are eased.

Sandy enjoys what she does so much that she has delayed her retirement, at her colleagues’ request, to continue to be the role model to our crew. Her interaction with patients is one that generates a relaxed atmosphere, even for those who are gravely concerned. She finds a way to bring comfort, levity and sometimes appropriate laughter to difficult moments for our patients and staff members. She is truly a one of kind person and we are all blessed to have her as part of our organization. Her co-workers are honored to work beside a person who discovered their perfect fit and embraced it with everything they have.

One patient family wrote, “Every time I come to see Dr. Bolt. Sandy is always very nice and personal. I hope she never leaves. She is the right person for the front desk.”