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92816compliancepreview640Patient Safety, Risk Management, and Compliance & Privacy have created a collaborative, interactive presentation to help clinical staff understand how to assess events you may come across at work. The presentation uses scenarios to focus on practical application.

When patient, patient family or workplace events occur:

  • Do you know who to call?
  • When you should call?
  • What happens with this information?

There are two upcoming informational presentations. One presentation will use pediatric scenarios and the other will use obstetric scenarios.

Both presentations will be held in the first floor conference room in the Feigin Center (C.140.05).

Pediatric presentation: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, October 10, Feigin Center, first-floor conference room

Obstetric presentation: 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Friday, October 21, Feigin Center first-floor conference room

Brief description: Interactive discussion using common organizational event scenarios. The goal is to increase understanding of WHO should be called, WHEN a call should occur, and WHAT happens with these common scenario events.


  • Increase understanding/clarity of departmental roles
  • Increase awareness of organizational connectedness
  • Show interdepartmental collaboration

Some common concerns that will be addressed:

Compliance and Privacy:

  • Social media use
  • Patient privacy
  • Gifts

Patient Safety:

  • Patient harm
  • Hospital acquired conditions (HACs)
  • Serious safety events (SSEs)

Risk Management:

  • Difficult situations
  • Consent
  • Patient/visitor harm

To learn more, please attend our free presentation. RSVP to For additional information, call Pamela Le at Ext. 4-1217 or Brenda Thompson at Ext. 4-1183

What does the Compliance and Privacy Office do?

The Compliance and Privacy Office promotes business integrity and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations at Texas Children’s by confirming our commitment to promoting ethical behavior; protecting the organization, its employees and its customers; and supporting the organization’s mission and vision. Some of the routine issues handled by the Compliance and Privacy Office include applications of the Code of Ethical Behavior, conflicts of interests, confidential hotline, gifts, and patient privacy issues.

What does Risk Management do?

The Risk Management is on-call 24/7 in order to assist Texas Children’s with difficult situations. Some of routine issues handled by Risk Management include informed consent, release of medical information, visitation, injuries to patients and visitors, behavioral issues, CPS issues, refusing medical treatment, religious differences issues, leaving against medical advice, subpoenas, advanced directives, and DNRs.

What does Patient Safety do?

Patient Safety works to prevent, mitigate, and eliminate patient harm by improving systems of care and enhancing a culture of safety. The patient safety team is responsible for managing Texas Children’s event reporting system (“Safety Scoop”), investigating serious safety events and conducting root cause analyses, performing safety rounds, and supporting efforts to hardwire error prevention behaviors, tools, and techniques.

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