Pediatric Tower E construction progressing well

Since construction activities began last month, significant progress has been made on the Pediatric Tower E vertical expansion project.

Contractors have removed all of the existing concrete floor slabs except for Level 7 (current roof) to prepare for the tower crane installation, which is still scheduled for December 12. To maintain weather protection in the building, Level 7 will be finished closer to the tower crane installation.

Street trees have been removed within the construction yard area along Main Street as approved by the City of Houston.

Construction activities for this week

  • Demolition of the Magne Garden area off of Main Street will conclude at the end of this week, creating noise within the immediate parking levels and in the surrounding areas.
  • A liquid oxygen tank truck will be staged at the Building E/Pavilion shuttle stop on November 11 and 12 (Wednesday and Thursday) to provide oxygen service back-up to main campus while work on the liquid oxygen tank farm at West Tower is enhanced.
  • During this time, the shuttle stop will be constrained. Due to this work and the impact from construction, any patient and family drop off should occur at the designated drop off areas at the entrances to Texas Children’s (Clinical Care Center, Pavilion for Women, West Tower). Any employee drop off should be rerouted to the front of Feigin Center to allow the shuttle stop at Building E to operate safely.

Pedestrian safety reminder

The sidewalk on the east side of Main Street will remain closed from Holcombe to Southgate Boulevard. Employees and guests are encouraged to use the north pedestrian crosswalk at the Main Street and Southgate intersection to safely cross Main Street.

Click here to learn more about Texas Children’s Pediatric Tower E vertical expansion project.

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