Pediatric Tower E construction activities for next two weeks

Since construction began last month, significant progress has been made on the Pediatric Tower E vertical expansion project. Here is an update on what to expect in the next two weeks including a list of recent construction activities that have already been completed.

Week of November 23 and 30

  • Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, minimal construction work will occur this week, mostly focused on the Main Street construction area preparation. No construction activity is anticipated Thursday or Friday.
  • As construction gears up, truck traffic will increase along Main Street, with intermittent lane closures for trucks entering and exiting the construction area. Flag men will be in place to direct traffic safely. Employees should be aware of and plan for potential traffic delays.
  • Work within the Food and Nutrition and Pediatric Radiology spaces on levels 3 and 5 respectively will occur the week of November 30 to prepare for the material hoist installation along the northwest side of the building in December. Specific operational coordination with these departments is occurring.
  • Preparations for the tower crane installation on Saturday, December 12 continue. Northbound lanes of Main Street will be closed from Holcombe to, at least, Southgate Boulevard for this activity from Friday night, December 11, to Sunday evening, December 13. Anyone who is not required to be in the area is encouraged to stay away.

Completed construction activities

  • Removal of the Magne Garden area along Main Street is complete and work has begun to prepare the area for construction staging.
  • Concrete slab demolition for Pediatric Tower E tower crane has been completed with the removal of Level 7 this week.

Pedestrian safety reminder

The sidewalk on the east side of Main Street will remain closed from Holcombe Boulevard to Southgate Boulevard. Employees and guests are encouraged to use the north pedestrian crosswalk at the Main Street and Southgate Boulevard intersection to safely cross Main Street. Facilities Planning and Development appreciates everyone’s compliance with this detour.

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