Opportunities for participating in Halloween patient activities are available

The Patient Activity Team is making two opportunities available for employees and volunteers to get involved with this year’s Halloween activities for Texas Children’s patients.

Annual Halloween Spooktacular patients’ party
Would you like to host a table for the Annual Halloween Spooktacular Patients’ Party from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, October 31, on The Auxiliary Bridge?

  • The Patient Activity Team has 18 tables available for this year’s event on a first-come-first-served basis. Come with your team and sponsor a table. Keep the tradition of making this day unforgettable for Texas Children’s patients while having a blast with Radio Lollipop and all our friends.
  • Treats must be non-edible and child safe. Here is a list of more information about rules and regulations and appropriate goodies for patients and their families.
    • Each table can have three members at a time (team members can have turns to take care of the table)
    • All Texas Children’s Hospital personnel have to wear a badge
    • No masks or scary faces/costumes are permitted
    • “Goodies,” passed out by your group or department cannot be edible, toxic, pointed, breakable or pose a choking hazard to any child.
    • Acceptable items include unsharpened Halloween pencils, non-toxic Halloween crayons, child-safe Halloween toys labeled safe for children under 3, Halloween color and activity books, and non-toxic Halloween stickers or tattoos.
    • All the activities are free of charge.
    • No face painting is permitted (for disease spread risk), but temporary or brushed tattoos are permitted. They have to be hypoallergenic.
    • Unacceptable items include sharpened pencils, candy, gum, toys that can be easily disassembled, lead-based crayons, glitter, loose beads, etc.
    • Please use common sense and your best judgment when selecting the goodies.
    • Please bring enough goodies for 75 to 100 patients.
  • Deadline for scheduling a table is Friday, October 14.

Halloween costume drive

  • Share the spirit of Halloween with our patients this year by giving them a magical surprise! Donate a new costume (Note: for infection control, costumes must be new).
  • Look for the donation boxes located at the West Tower first-floor lobby information desk or West Tower third-floor 411 desk.

Email Irma Vargas or page her at pager 2690 to sign up for a table, request pick up of costumes or with questions about either opportunity.

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