Monitoring and enforcement of parking policy ongoing

We care for our patients and their families by doing all we can to make their experience here as best it can be. For most of our patient families, that experience begins with something that should be relatively simple – convenient parking.

However, patient families and visitors often are unable to find parking in our garages, partly because our employees are occupying spaces that have been designated for them. There also are a number of employees who use the valet services intended for our patient families.

Using the limited parking reserved for our patient families is counter to the experience we strive to provide them. It also disregards Texas Children’s Parking Policy, which states that employees “may not pull a coin to park or utilize valet parking services in Texas Children’s Hospital garages 12, 16 or 21 when acting in their capacity as an employee. By doing so, an employee may be subject to disciplinary action.”

Security will be conducting random monitoring to identify employees who are parking in these garages. When an employee violation is identified, Security will send a letter to the employee and his or her director to take corrective action.

Remember, employees can park for free in Garage 19 on Greenbriar Drive. They also can use dependable, comfortable transit to and from that garage to the Main Campus facilities.

Having a dedicated employee parking garage and transit system provides you with a convenient alternative to the limited parking on the Main Campus, which is the only option for our patient families and visitors. So please, help us create a better experience for them by parking in the designated employee garage so that finding parking is the least of our patient families’ concerns when they are here. It’s a simple step that could have a lasting impact on a family’s experience with us.