Keith Thomas

Ambulatory Service Representative, The Autism Center
2017 Caught You Caring recipient

Keith Thomas is always looking for ways to help other people. One of our patient family’s completed their 6-month follow up appointment. The mother had twins who were both in car seats. She did not have a stroller and had traveled alone. Keith saw her struggling with the car seats and got up from behind the desk and walked her to her car, carrying the car seats for her. The parking spot she had parked in was too tight for her to open the doors to put the car seats in. Keith stayed with the babies while the mother changed parking places. Keith helped her load the babies into the car.

Keith shows his compassion in other ways as well. When it is raining outside and Keith sees that some patients and their families do not have umbrellas, Keith uses his umbrella to walk the families to their car so they do not get wet. When there are not enough chairs for our staff meetings, Keith always gets up to go find more chairs so everyone will have enough seats. Keith put a podium together for a speaker who was coming in. During the winter months when it gets dark early, he checks to see if any of the providers or staff need him to walk them to their cars before he leaves for the evening.

Keith is a very genuine person. He is always polite, nice, caring and responsible. He makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome whether they are a patient, staff member or provider. He tries to anticipate the needs that may arise during the day. If there was a picture of patient experience it would be Keith.