Kronos clock-in Information

Where are Kronos Time Clocks located?
To view a list of all available Kronos Time Clock locations on Connect, click here.

How should non-exempt staff clock throughout Ride Out?
Arrive at TCH – Clock In

Leaving for Lunch – Disaster Off Shift BEGIN
Return from Lunch – Disaster Off Shift END

Shift Finished (and remaining at TC facility) – Disaster Off Shift BEGIN Formerly known as sleep.
Shift Beginning – Disaster Off Shift END Formerly known as sleep.


Leaving to go Home – Clock Out

How do leaders submit time corrections for Off Shift missed punches?
Submit an online Timekeeping Adjustment Form. When submitting the form, please provide the following:
• Date
• Begin Punch Time (with AM/PM)
• End Punch Times (with AM/PM)
• Comments: Include ‘OFFSHIFT’ noted in the comments section
• No pay code selection is necessary