Hogan becomes EOC Safety Officer for Texas Children’s

Michael Hogan, director of Safety and Security Services, now is the Texas Children’s Environment of Care Safety Officer. In accordance with Texas Children’s policy SAF 102, as the EOC Safety Officer, Hogan is authorized to take actions necessary to assure a safe working and patient care environment. In this capacity, he has full access to all personnel and facilities in order to identify and correct safety hazards.

The EOC Safety Officer will take immediate and direct action to alleviate conditions that pose an immediate threat to life or health, or a threat of damage to equipment or buildings of Texas Children’s Hospital and/or any Texas Children’s remote locations. To the extent that a specific situation will allow, the EOC Safety Officer will consult with the chief executive officer, physician-in-chief, surgeon-in-chief or designee of senior management before taking any action which will prevent or interrupt the delivery of patient care according to policy SAF 102.