Grace Collins

Patient Care Assistant (PCA)
2017 Caught You Caring recipient

Grace Collins is truly a kind and compassionate person. She looks everyday as if she enjoys her job and our chronic patients and families are always happy when Grace is their assigned PCA.

One day, she gathered lunch and dinner for a parent who didn’t want to leave her baby alone but was hungry and wanted food. In several instances involving psychiatric patients, Grace has been excellent at de-escalating situations and keeping patients and families engaged in activities and conversations that are not focused on the current issue. She walks with them around the unit and communicates with them in a non-judgmental way that typically elicits a positive response.

Grace supports her colleagues by always being willing to come in to work, even when it’s on short notice, and staying late when her help is needed. She works well with all staff members and is in general a very helpful and thoughtful person. She makes sure that birthdays are celebrated and coordinates activities for team building on and off the unit for staff.