Five surgeons given faculty excellence awards from Baylor

Five members of the Department of Surgery have received a fall 2016 Norton Rose Fulbright Faculty Excellence Award, formerly known as the Fulbright & Jaworski Faculty Excellence Award, from Baylor College of Medicine.

“All five of our surgeons are very deserving of this award,” said Dr. Charles D. Fraser, Jr., surgeon-in-chief. “Congratulations on being rewarded for your hard work.”

Dr. Julina Ongkasuwan from Otolaryngology and Dr. Carlos Mery from Congenital Heart Surgery were recognized in the Teaching and Evaluation category. To be considered for an award in Teaching and Evaluation, a faculty member must show evidence of quality of teaching, number of teaching hours and diversity in content of material and variety of teaching formats among medical students, residents and fellows.

Dr. Edward Buchanan from Plastic Surgery and Dr. Kimberly Yen from Ophthalmology received awards for the Development of Enduring Educational Materials. These materials must be designed explicitly to promote knowledge, skills or attitudes of specific populations of learners and used repeatedly over an extended period of time by educators other than the author and by learner groups other than one taught by the author and disseminated outside of Baylor.

Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Bindi Naik-Mathuria was awarded for her Educational Leadership that can include a wide range of activities from serving on an education-related committee to receiving an educational-related grant or developing an evaluation program to serving as director of a course, program or clerkship.

“In my role as chair of Texas Children’s Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee, I encourage faculty to pursue a Norton Rose Fulbright award as they take steps to advance their careers,” said Dr. David Wesson, associate surgeon-in-chief for academic affairs.

The Norton Rose Fulbright Faculty Excellence Award recognizes Baylor faculty who meet designated standards of quality, quantity and breadth for their sustained exemplary educational contributions to Baylor.

Surgeons interested in pursuing awards through Baylor are encouraged to contact Lisa Thomas in the Texas Children’s Department of Surgery Office of Faculty Affairs. She can be reached at ext. 6-5768 or by email at

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