Donald Wilkins

Patient Ambassador, Surgery
2017 Caught You Caring recipient

As a patient ambassador, Donald Wilkins provides updates, information and general reassurance for all the patients and families involved in the perioperative process. Wilkins exceeds his job requirements by assisting the surgeons with family communication. He assists the admissions staff when they need clarification regarding patient classification and he identifies families that need a little extra time and attention.

Wilkins’ can-do attitude makes Texas Children’s Hospital a better place for our patients and families. His outgoing personality and professional presentation really have a positive impact on families. The stress they feel from being here for their child’s surgery is reduced after meeting Wilkins. The families that come often seek him out and always ask “Where is Donald?”

On one occasion, Wilkins identified a family that traveled from Louisiana and did not have resources for hotel or food. The family was too embarrassed to ask for help but with Wilkin’s intervention the family was able to get some assistance.

Another family confided in Wilkins that a particular person in the waiting area had been asking other people in the waiting room for money. Wilkins confronted this person who immediately ran out of the waiting area. Wilkins called security and was able to snap a photo with his cell phone. Security was able to assist and the person was caught. If Wilkins had not been alert and or had not been able to develop a dialog with other family members this may had not come to light.