Dependent care options available for employees impacted by flood

Texas Children’s Hospital has partnered with Bright Horizons® to enhance our Back-Up Care Advantage Program® with Crisis Care Assist. ™ Available immediately, this program extends care options for employees whose dependent care arrangements may be impacted by the flooding in the Houston area.

The program helps cover the cost to hire a caregiver within your own personal network (such as a relative, babysitter or friend), including up to $50 per day for each use by a child of back-up care provided in a child care center or $80 per day for each use of back-up care provided by a caregiver in the home regardless of the number of care recipients cared for or the hours for each use of Crisis Care Assist.

This is available to you for work-related purposes through Wednesday April 20, 2016 to assist you in situations when you may be left without care due to storm-related circumstances including power outages, flooding and/or school or group care closings.

Pre-approval is required. Contact the Back-Up Care Advantage Program at 877-242-2737.

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