Children helping children

The Children’s Advisory Board (CAB) hosted Ryan’s Rainbow on in December and helped deliver 36 radio Flyer wagons full of more than 700 toys, including an XBoxOne, PS3, PS4, two WiiUs and eight Samsung Galaxies. The toys are given to Texas Children’s patients spending the holidays in the hospital.

The CAB is comprised of Texas Children’s Hospital patients who have extensive experience with the hospital. Members work to promote collaboration between caregivers, patients and families for quality, safety and optimal outcomes.

Started by Ryan and Haley McWhirter, with the help of their mom, Jill, Ryan’s Rainbow is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation. The McWhirters work with community to raise funds and shop for presents so that kids who are in the hospital can enjoy the holiday.

Many Ryan’s Rainbow volunteers have been working with this organization for years and have a personal connection to the hospital. One volunteer shared that her own son was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital the night before the group started shopping this year for the presents for Texas Children’s patients. She posted a photo of her son going to the lab in one of Ryan’s Rainbow previously-donated radio flyer wagons!

Another of the organization’s supporters, Gary Eiland, a partner in King & Spalding’s Healthcare group, donates a wagon every year in honor of Dr. Ralph D. Feigin.

To learn more about Ryan’s Rainbow or to make a donation, go to

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