March 23, 2020

As we approach the end of the My Nutrition Challenge, your Texas Children’s Well-Being team wants to help our participants finish strong and make building healthier, more balanced meals a lifelong habit. In the last week of the challenge, focus on including 2 tablespoons of healthy fat with your meals.

Healthy fats do more than add flavor to our food. They can also help regulate blood sugar, decrease inflammation, increase satiety and lubricate joints.

Cigna Health Coach and Registered Dietitian Staci Tobolowsky Astrein shows us how to fatten up our meals the right way in the final video of our challenge series.

March 17, 2020

Once you submit the form, you will be notified if you are cleared for work or will be contacted directly by Employee Health for further evaluation (based on your travel history). Complete the form here.

Chief Nursing Officer Mary Jo Andre shares the proactive measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our patients and care teams as we adapt and respond to the COVID-19 situation. Read more

On his blog last week, Mark Wallace shares how the evolving situation around COVID-19 proves the sturdiness of our organization as we work together with our community partners. Read more

We’ve made it past the halfway point of the My Nutrition Challenge and your Texas Children’s Well-Being team is here to support and encourage our participants to keep adding healthier food options into your day-to-day routine. This week, focus on filling one-quarter of your plate with carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates sometimes get a bad rap, but they’re an important source of energy and fiber – you just have to pick the right types and amounts.

Cigna Health Coach and Registered Dietitian Staci Tobolowsky Astrein shares more helpful insights on carbohydrates in this video.

March 12, 2020

On March 7, Texas Children’s Fetal Center held a successful patient reunion at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. Families from around the country traveled to Houston to reconnect with Fetal Center physicians, nurse coordinators and staff.

Since its inaugural event in 2007, the reunion provides an opportunity for physicians and staff to reunite with patient families who received life-saving medical and surgical care at our Fetal Center.

“Many of these families spent extended periods of time with our Fetal Center staff and in our neonatal intensive care unit,” said Texas Children’s Obstetrician and Gynecologist-in-Chief Dr. Michael Belfort. “This reunion is a memorable opportunity for our team to reconnect with these wonderful families from across the country that we have positively impacted, and we cherish the opportunity to see these patients, who overcame tough challenges in their young lives, grow and thrive.”

Chloe Villarreal, who traveled six hours from her family’s home in San Juan, Texas, joined other patient families to celebrate the lives of these precious miracle babies who were cared for by our maternal fetal medicine and NICU staff, and who have since then, reached incredible milestones along the way.

“We are grateful to Texas Children’s and all of the doctors and the entire medical team who gave us hope and reassurance, and took such great care of our baby,” said Villarreal, whose daughter Charlotte underwent fetoscopic repair surgery to treat spina bifida. “When our daughter turned 18 months old, she walked for the very first time. Texas Children’s will always be a part of our family, and that’s why I make it a point to attend the fetal reunion. It makes me feel so good that all of these children are doing wonderful.”

The Fetal Center Reunion, which occurs every two years at Texas Children’s, included a delicious lunch and plenty of fun activities for the families, including a craft corner where children got a chance to build their own Golden Retriever comfort dog and take their new furry friend home with them.

March 10, 2020

Angela Gooden, a director of advanced practice providers (APP) at Texas Children’s, was recently selected as a Texas Nurse Practitioners Legislative Ambassador, and shares how this opportunity in Austin will help her become a stronger advocate for nurses and nurse practitioners at Texas Children’s and across the state. Read more