Beware of ransomware and other tech support scams

42716SocialEngineering640Several Texas Children’s employees have reported receiving calls from PC Solutions, a company claiming to provide tech support in a ruse to gain remote access to TCH computers. Welcome to social engineering!

Social engineering is a scam in which someone pretends to be someone else to gain network access to capture protected data or install malware. Tech support scams are just one of dozens of charades people pull to steal sensitive data or infect a network with malware like ransomware.
Would you fall for such a scam? Employees are vulnerable, as demonstrated by this eye-opening video, in which a hacker hired by a company to conduct a security exercise talks his way into full network access in less than two minutes.

Social engineering at Texas Children’s

Social engineering is not uncommon at Texas Children’s. In addition to the tech support scam mentioned above, people will pretend to be someone they’re not to access the network to steal data or gain entry into wards or offices to steal computers, equipment or worse, attempt a kidnapping.

Potential thieves prey on people’s trust, innocence and good nature to gain access to secured areas or computer networks. This is why IS teams with the Privacy Office and Security Services to continually remind everyone of basic security protocol:

  • Don’t share your password with anyone (IS analysts will never ask for it)
  • Don’t click links or attachments in emails from unknown senders
  • Be alert and aware of potential phishing scams
  • Don’t allowing “tailgating” into secure areas
  • Don’t leave PHI on your screen or desk
  • Log off your workstation when stepping away … even for a minute!


Please contact the IS Service Desk at Ext. 4-3512 (external 832-824-3512) with questions.

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