Best of the West – Fourth Quarter

On October 18, Marcia Fink, Coordinator Inventory Control, and MaryFrances Musso, Otolaryngology physician were recognized as the recipients of the fourth quarter Best of the West award. The award recognizes employees each quarter who have exceled at demonstrating Texas Children’s values – leading tirelessly, living compassionately, amplifying unity and embracing freedom.

For the past eight years Fink has been providing her immense dedication to the Supply Chain department. She has become an invaluable and beloved team member to all of her colleagues. Overall, Fink has supplied approximately thousands of supplies to the operating room and many other areas, and maintains them at the perfect levels and ensures that her teammates follow the requirements and policies of the area.

“Marcia is very compassionate and will go out of her way to help others complete their assigned tasks,” one of Fink’s co-workers mentioned. “She is very indispensable, kind hearted, dedicated, courageous and forward thinking when completing her responsibilities.”

Her leadership efforts have been exemplified through organizing events, and ensuring that her teammates are covered when they are in need of vacation time. Fink’s compassion and boundless energy is what makes her the best of the West.

Musso is the Surgical Sleep Director at Texas Children’s Hospital. She leads specialty clinics for persistent obstructive sleep apnea and Down syndrome. Texas Children’s Hospital has recently been selected as one of 10 sites within the United States to pilot the insertion of the hypoglossal nerve stimulator in pediatrics. Musso was the lead physician of this Food and Drug Administration (FDA) funded project.

“Dr. Musso is a strong advocate for research and quality improvement,” her team stated. “She is also true advocate for her patients as she takes great care of them, and consistently invests in the West Campus team of providers, so that we can work together to provide better patient care.”

She is also the Director of Otolaryngology Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Services at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus. Musso goes above and beyond for her patients, often seeing them in her administrative time and calling them in her off hours to make sure they feel comfortable with the care they’re receiving. She takes time to train new nurses and Advanced Practice Provider (APP) in the Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) clinic.

She holds herself to almost unattainably high standards, and inspires her peers and the people around her to do better to serve our patients by leading by example.

Please join West Campus in congratulating and thanking Fink and Musso for showing us what it takes to be the best of the west.