Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – September 10, 2018

Department Name
7 South Cruz, Veronica
Audiology Service Hindi, Diana
Facilities Operations Dickson, Aaron
Facilities Operations Llano, Victor
Facilities Operations Obregon, Maria
Facilities Operations Perez, Richard
Facilities Operations Williams, Corey
Financial Services Tao, Greg
Information Services Corredor, Linda
Information Services Messer, Sean
Nursing Service Adams, Ashley
Nursing Service Mathew, Anna
Nutrition Support Bowden, Danielle
Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Hale, Leeanna
Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Phillips, Taylor
Operating Rooms Deloch, Marisha
Pathology Department Parks, Frederick
Pathology Department Whitehead, Jordan
Patient and Family Services Thorpe, Jennifer
Pediatric Radiology Huisman, Thierry
Pediatric Radiology Indiero, Dennis
Pharmacy Services Fields, Tarnesha
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Betik, Caroline
Respiratory Care Ahmed, Abdikafi
Respiratory Care Mathew, James
Respiratory Care Rodriguez, Maria
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Badeaux, Justin
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Chenault, Allie
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Jackson, Audrey
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Nguyen, Dung
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy White-Lockett, Shondra
Specialty Care – Bellaire Tran, Melinda
Strategic Initiatives Barrientos, Jesica
Strategic Initiatives Brown, Janay
Strategic Initiatives Marshall, Dylan
Strategic Initiatives Wheeler, Marisa
Surgical Unit/Orthopedic Unit Egan, Madison
Surgical Unit/Orthopedic Unit Green, Kourtney
Texas Children’s Health Plan Idunoba, Ashley
Texas Children’s Health Plan Nguyen, Steven
Texas Children’s Health Plan Pruneda, Rosa
Texas Children’s Health Plan Sima, Jingyun
Texas Children’s Health Plan Smith, Beth
Texas Children’s Health Plan Stringer, Kyle
Texas Children’s Heart Center Clark, Melva
Texas Children’s Heart Center Gonzales, Mark
Texas Children’s Heart Center Harrison, Keisha
Texas Children’s Pediatrics MSO Bolton, Katy
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – East Houston Funes, Jennifer
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Medical Center Campus Teter-Gonzalez, Shelley
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Memorial Nguyen, Anna
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – West Campus Anderson, Kimela
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Burrous, Pamela
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Smith, Mary
The Woodlands – Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Ruhe, Matthew
The Woodlands – Respiratory Care Walker, Melanie
The Woodlands – Sleep Lab McCandless, Narda
The Woodlands – Social Work Buckenham, Lindsay
The Woodlands – Sports Medicine Panos, Kayla
West Campus – Pathology Department Lassere, Dina
West Campus – Physical Therapy Maple, Shelley
West Campus – Sports Medicine Griffin, Brooke
Women’s Services Balboa, Elizabeth
Women’s Services Reynolds, Darione