Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – November 13, 2017

Department Name
Biomedical Engineering Choo, ChoonVoon
Community Initiatives Walls, Patricia
Department of Surgery Martinez Valdez, Hector
Food and Nutrition Services Wright, Jordan
Health Information Management Lattin, Elaine
Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit Candia, Lauren
Nursing Service Clark, Yolanda
Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy McNay, Kelsy
Orthopedic Surgery Dinsdale, Teresa
Pathology Department Boykins, Kimmeka
Pathology Department Gavin, Erica
Pathology Department Sam, Yolanda
Pediatric Radiology Cruz, Robert
Pediatric Radiology Davis, Rachel
Pediatric Radiology Goff, Brittany
Pediatric Radiology Loaiza, Leonardo
Pediatric Radiology Lopez, Carlos
Pediatric Radiology Stephens, Joshua
Renal Service Caoili, Sandra
Renal Service Fraser, Yvette
Respiratory Care Barrett, Renetta
Respiratory Care Ferguson, Faithe
Respiratory Care Francis, Tonsha
Respiratory Care Interiano, Marissa
Respiratory Care Montemayor, Danielle
Respiratory Care Oconnor, Veronica
Respiratory Care Pickens, Raven
Respiratory Care Sarnello, Ranny
Texas Children’s Health Centers – Sugar Land Chapman, Erin
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Austin Gaw, Lisa
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – East Houston Conejo, Jana
The Woodlands – Acute Care Floor 5 Segovia Morales, Daira
The Woodlands – Administration Russell, Seth
West Campus – Occupational Therapy Ward, Courtney
West Campus – Respiratory Care Jules Renelique, Patricia
Women’s Services Magahis, Courtney