Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – May 21, 2018

Name Department
Adamo, Robbie Pathology Department
Alanis, Eric Supply Chain Services
Amaro, Denice Pathology Department
Amaya, Grecia Texas Children’s Pediatrics Lakewood
Anderson, Sarita Security Services
Anderson, Emily Texas Children’s Heart Center
Andrade Quevedo, Maria Supply Chain Services
Anito, Bianca Women’s Services
Arjmand, Isaac Chief Investment Office
Astle, Stephanie Texas Children’s Heart Center
Barnett, Chelsea Women’s Services
Brodie, Shelly Pulmonary Medicine Service
Bryant, Jamaika Texas Children’s Pediatrics Cypresswood
Bui, Thao Pediatric Radiology
Caceres Medrano, Victoria Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Memorial
Carlton, Rebecca Lactation Support
Chavez, Jose Facilities Operations
Clarke, Renee Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center
Cruz, Alexsandra Texas Children’s Pediatrics Missouri City
Curry, Lindsey Texas Children’s Heart Center
Dobbs Perez, Christen Texas Children’s Health Plan
Dorsey, Lakisha The Woodlands – Orthopedic Surgery
Elliott-Harvest, Nikole Women’s Services
Fife, John Information Services
Flores Navarro, Alma Texas Children’s Pediatrics Conroe
Fortin Voltair, Deborah Progressive Care Unit
Gonzales, Artur Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers
Hammond, Fronette Security Services
Johnson, Yasmin Patient Accounting
Makara, Ashley West Campus – Infusion Center
Marshall, Irma The Woodlands – Allergy and Immunology
Martinez, Andrea Nursing Service
May, Christine Texas Children’s Pediatrics Cinco Ranch
Maysonett, Samantha Pathology Department
McGaughey, Devin Surgical Unit/Orthopedic Unit
Mendez, Kary Texas Children’s Pediatrics Rayford
Moline, Adam Facilities Operations
Mondesir, Lucknis Facilities Operations
Moore, DeAnne Texas Children’s Heart Center
Moore, Chanel Texas Children’s Pediatrics Midtown
Ohallaron, Chahat The Woodlands – Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Paez Arias, Jesus Facilities Operations
Patel, Nilen Chief Investment Office
Petros, Leslie Psychology Service
Pingol, Meljorie Volunteer Services
Pomier, Angela Texas Children’s Health Center – Clear Lake
Price, Tanner The Woodlands – Audiology Service
Raja, Muhammad Rizwan Texas Children’s Urgent Care
Reagan, Amanda Texas Children’s Health Plan
Rendon, Laura Women’s Services
Roberson, Dwain Facilities Operations
Robles, Melissa Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Cinco Ranch
Rodriguez, Eva Surgical Unit/Orthopedic Unit
Sang, Lisa Texas Children’s Health Plan
Sarro, Jill Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers
Schultz, Frances Texas Children’s Pediatrics Conroe
Sebree, Tracy Women’s Services
Stiles, Hayley The Woodlands – Emergency Center
Suiter, Nikki Texas Children’s Health Plan
Sureja Shah, Frenny West Campus – Nutrition Services
Texas Wiley, Jarvis Facilities Operations
Tran, Elly West Campus – Nutrition Services
Trevino, Maresah Operating Rooms
Venters, Megan The Woodlands – Operating Rooms
Vickroy, Sabrina Texas Children’s Health Plan
Villarreal, Joanne Texas Children’s Pediatrics Pediatric Medical Group
Walker, Ashley Women’s Services
Wilke, Eric Pathology Department
Wu, Stephanie Neurology Unit
Zibilske, Laura The Woodlands – Intensive Care Unit