Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – March 19, 2018

Department Name
5 North Hamill, Laurel
BCM Ob/Gyn Clinic Hooks, Ariane
BCM Ob/Gyn Clinic Shu, Michelle
BCM Ob/Gyn Clinic Trujillo, Ashley
Children’s Sleep Center Wright, Sandra
Department of Social Work Fell, Elyse
Department of Social Work Thomas, Jessavia
Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Handy, Melodie
Facilities Operations Hall, Herman
Facilities Operations Rahbani, Patricia
Facilities Operations Richardson, Nora
Facilities Operations Youngblood, Katelyn
Information Services Duhon, Glenn
Information Services Neaville, Clayton
Information Services Verge, William
Lactation Support Lopez, Maria
Neurophysiology Service Moore, JaVonte
Operating Room Valdez, Yesenia
Pathology Service Dasi, Emmanuel
Pathology Service Green, Patricia
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Winn, Amber
Pediatric Radiology Castaneda, Cinthya
Pediatric Radiology Ruiz, Michelle
Pharmacy Services Gallego, Erika
Pharmacy Services Gonzalez, Rene
Pharmacy Services Johnson, Ashley
Pharmacy Services Miranda, Michelle
Pharmacy Services Smith, Jessica
Pharmacy Services Weaver Henandez, Crystal
Post Anesthesia Care Unit Perez, Angela
Respiratory Care Espinoza, Leida
Respiratory Care Madrid, David
Respiratory Care Puri, Rohi
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Nguyen, Christina
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Senny, Christina
Security Services Teter, Troy
Supply Chain Service Coronado, Alma
Supply Chain Service Griffis, John
Supply Chain Service Lopez Amezquita, Maria
Supply Chain Service Rochelle, Ella
Surgical Unit/Orthopedic Unit Laird, Kristi
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Terry, Katherine
Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center Phillips, Jennifer
Texas Children’s Health Centers – Cy-Fair Carbajal, Victoria
Texas Children’s Health Plan Arevalo, Sophia
Texas Children’s Health Plan Arvia, Denise
Texas Children’s Health Plan Bradley, Ryan
Texas Children’s Health Plan Nguyen, An
Texas Children’s Health Plan Rodriguez, Sabrina
Texas Children’s Heart Center Ogolim, Shelby
Texas Children’s Newborn Center Frank, Katie
Texas Children’s Pediatrics Central Business Office Carrillo, Graciela
Texas Children’s Physician Service Organization Marquez, Maria
Texas Children’s Specialty Care Bellaire Caughlan, Carly
The Woodlands – Diabetes/Endocrine Clinic Benavides, Cindy
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Bobzien, Stephanie
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Carrillo, Graciela
The Woodlands – Nursing Service Cruz, Mayra
The Woodlands – Nursing Service Walker, Jennifer
West Campus – Occupational Therapy Rosales, Cinthia
West Campus – Physical Therapy Urbis, Lorraine
West Campus – Supply Chain Mogro, Allan
Women’s Services Leu, Jacquelyn
Women’s Services Smith, Holly