Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – June 4, 2018

Department Name
6 North Guzman, Josseline
6 North Tibbs, Kaitlyn
Admissions Ramos, Iris
Audiology Service Marciante, Sabrina
Business Services Puga, Belinda
Care Management Jones, Angela
Child Life Department Williams, Haleigh
Facilities Operations Bol, Isaac
Facilities Operations Esperence, Nibona
Facilities Operations Gayden, Anthony
Facilities Operations Germain, Eldere
Facilities Operations Hernandez, Diana
Facilities Operations Jones, Tayana
Facilities Operations Tlapanco, Miguel
General Medicine Unit/Transplant Unit Cardenas, Yanira
Information Services Mutyala, Sujan
Nutrition Services Araya, Wedasie
Nutrition Services Carlisle, Gerri
Nutrition Services Perez, Amanda
Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Wheless, Catherine
Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Salas, Brenda
Operating Rooms Thomas, Lisha
Operating Rooms Villanueva, Lydia
Pathology Department Blanton, Jasmine
Pathology Department Perkins, Amanda
Pathology Department Pointer, Megan
Pathology Department Sonnier, Raven
Pathology Department Williams, Katherine
Pediatric Radiology Abraham, Jerin
Pharmacy Services Brown, Juanita
Pharmacy Services Buhay, Carl
Pharmacy Services Castilow, Monisha
Pharmacy Services Compton, Rylan
Pharmacy Services Cuellar Campuzano, Lyanne
Pharmacy Services Gilmore, Akina
Pharmacy Services Imam, Adnan
Pharmacy Services Mendoza, Anabel
Pharmacy Services Roh, Yun
Pharmacy Services Verani, Jabeen
Pharmacy Services Verdun Mayeur, Stacey
Pharmacy Services Yarida, Philip
Renal Service Ramos, Ninoska
Renal Service Smith, Melenda
Research Administration Patel, Bhoomiben
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Ashaye, Tolulope
Security Services McNair, Tiffany
Security Services Minor, Adrienne
Supply Chain Services Morris, Kevan
Supply Chain Services Rodgers, Ciera
Supply Chain Services Sanchez Vegas, Oscar
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Menchaca, Angela
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Palomo, Edgar Jann
Texas Children’s Fetal Center White, Maymie
Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center Ou, Elizabeth
Texas Children’s Health Centers – Clear Lake Polaski, Kristen
Texas Children’s Health Plan Chen, Olga
Texas Children’s Health Plan Sifuentes, Rachelle
Texas Children’s Heart Center Cortez, Arelis
Texas Children’s Heart Center Dixon, LaKadrian
Texas Children’s Heart Center Edmunds, Evan
Texas Children’s Heart Center Howard, Victoria
Texas Children’s Heart Center Lanz, Kristin
Texas Children’s Heart Center Lopez, Vanessa
Texas Children’s Heart Center Spencer, LaShunta
Texas Children’s Heart Center Sultzer, Andrew
Texas Children’s Heart Center Vaughn, Ami
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Cinco Ranch Suniga, Erika
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Main Campus Thompson, Kristi
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Vintage Deblas, Christine
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Sipe, Savana
The Woodlands – Nursing Service Reyes, Erica
The Woodlands – Ophthalmology Service Marquez, Marcelo
The Woodlands – Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Finanger, Emily
The Woodlands – Otolaryngology Service Fields, Jolandria
The Woodlands – Physical Therapy Roybal, Joanna
The Woodlands – Respiratory Care Fields, Mallorie
The Woodlands – Special Procedures Suite Jacobs, Cierra
Transport Services Nash, David
Transport Services Tiemeyer, Danielle
Transport Services Youngblood, Genise
West Campus – Child Life Reddick, Mary
West Campus – Nursing Service Spiteri, Krystal
West Campus – Operating Rooms Flores, Karla
West Campus – Pathology Department Zhang, Jessica
West Campus – Pharmacy Services Pickett, Carmen
West Campus – Security Services Hawkins, Marco
Women’s Services Albert, Laurie
Women’s Services Macaluso, Anna