Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – July 9, 2018

Department Name
Audiology Service Lewicki, Lisa
BCM Ob/Gyn Clinic Lambert, Patricia
Business Development Patel, Dominique
Care Management Eaton Taylor, Dietra
Care Management Guinon, Jennifer
Child Life Department Rector, Rebecca
Emergency Management Russell, Charles
Facilities Operations Lopez, Imelda
Financial Services Akiyama, Maria
Nutrition Services Charpentier, Monica
Operating Rooms Williams, Ashley
Pathology Department Nwokike, Chigozie
Pathology Department Usua, Ubong
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Bracken, Julie
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Gonzalez, Katherine
Pediatric Radiology George, John
Pharmacy Services Balderas, Angel
Pharmacy Services Bhatt, Neelam
Pharmacy Services Coglianese, Nicole
Pharmacy Services Collins, Deborah
Pharmacy Services Gonzales, Arthur
Pharmacy Services Jones, Natalia
Pharmacy Services Jones, Jalessa
Pharmacy Services Lee, Gloria
Pharmacy Services Lightfoot, Brittany
Pharmacy Services Ortiz, Sarah
Pharmacy Services Trayham, Marc
Philanthropy Service Brown, Fanny
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Brown, Tiffany
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation McPartlan, Kerry
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Miranda, Priscilla
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unruh, Amanda
Plastic Surgery Service Perez, Diana
Pulmonary Medicine Hicks, Kathryn
Renal Service Valdez, Valerie
Respiratory Care Kindells, Ricosha
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Osborne, Leanne
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Williams, Paula
Security Services Humphrey, Gregory
Security Services Riggs, Holly
Security Services Roy, James
Security Services Smith, James
Supply Chain Services Boston, John
Supply Chain Services Sampson, Gabrielle
Texas Children’s Health Centers Martin, Shannon
Texas Children’s Health Plan Gozalo, Eddie
Texas Children’s Health Plan Myles, Tameka
Texas Children’s Health Plan Nieto, Dora
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center – Southwest Gonzalez, Ana
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center – Southwest Soto, Yara
Texas Children’s Heart Center Bryant, Raylyn
Texas Children’s Heart Center Camerino, Kennedy
Texas Children’s Heart Center Cantu, Gladys
Texas Children’s Heart Center Davidson, Elvira
Texas Children’s Heart Center Labard, Lillian
Texas Children’s Heart Center Looby, Kimberly
Texas Children’s Heart Center Moreira, Yazmin
Texas Children’s Heart Center Nguyen, MyHanh
Texas Children’s Heart Center Simon, Karissa
Texas Children’s Heart Center Villeda, Michel
Texas Children’s Newborn Center Davis, Jennifer
Texas Children’s Physician Service Organization Moreno, Alena
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Kingwood Feliciano, Jasmine
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Kingwood Finch, Angela
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Kingwood Gutierrez, Stephanie
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Kingwood Holt, Courtney
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Kingwood Zavala Regalado, Melissa
The Woodlands – Audiology Rushing, Lona
The Woodlands – Diabetes/Endocrine Service Victoria, Jessica
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Meyers, Callie
The Woodlands – Intensive Care Unit Renfrow, Charlene
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology Pacheco, Ari
The Woodlands – Respiratory Care Mazique, John
Urology Service Lava, Wilme
West Campus – Emergency Center Urban, Citrine
West Campus – Emergency Center Vermillion, Jennifer
West Campus – Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Flores, Yelin
West Campus – Respiratory Care Sayles, Marie
Women’s Services Anderson, Amanda
Women’s Services Emmanuel, Olatokunbo
Women’s Services Returan, Anna