Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – January 22, 2018

Department Name
Admissions Ukpe, Imoh
Admissions Valdez, Isaias
BCM Ob/Gyn Clinic Finley, Hartoya
BCM Ob/Gyn Clinic Hernandez, Savannah
BCM Ob/Gyn Clinic Rivera, Angie
Clinical Nutrition Services Pryor, Ravin
Facilities Operations Bah, Amadou
Facilities Operations Castillo, Gabriela
Health Information Management Campbell, Felicia
Health Information Management Lampkin, Lisa
Immunology Service Billups, Arthenia
Managed Care Contracting Schaffer, Denise
Marketing and Public Relations Orris, Roberta
Neurology Unit Uy, Nelly Ann
Neurophysiology Abey, Stephanie
Neurophysiology Alvarado, Daisy
Neurophysiology Howard, Kari
Neurophysiology Wolken, Layla
Nursing Service Best, Leah
Nutrition Services Diaz, Maria
Operating Room Nguyen, Hien
Pathology Department Tam, Michael
Pathology Department Ware, Shamara
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Lynch, Emily
Pediatric Radiology Davila, Melissa
Pediatric Radiology Mercer, Verlean
Pediatric Radiology Turney, Don
Pediatric Surgical Service Braddock, Scott
Pediatric Surgical Service Fuller, Monica
Pediatric Surgical Service Harrell, Bryan
Pediatric Surgical Service Nakano, Priscila
Pediatric Surgical Service Rodrigues, Lauren
Pediatric Surgical Service Shaw, Ashley
Pediatric Surgical Service Stoker, Bryan
Pediatric Surgical Service Vives, Tori
Pharmacy Service Justice, Matthew
Renal Service Credit, Jessica
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Dean, Angela
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Lopez, Leah
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Weaver, Victoria
Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center Martinez, Elaine
Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center Shepard, Allie
Texas Children’s Health Centers – Clear Lake Howard, Ronald
Texas Children’s Health Centers – Sugar Land Reismann Sexton, Diana
Texas Children’s Health Centers – Sugar Land Rivera, Angie
Texas Children’s Health Plan Qiao, Xingwen
Texas Children’s Heart Center Brown, Sharia
Texas Children’s Heart Center Martinez, Stacie
Texas Children’s Heart Center Smith, Anna
Texas Children’s Hospital School Project Maas, Eileen
Texas Children’s Newborn Center Collins, Jodi
Texas Children’s Newborn Center Diakite, Aminata
Texas Children’s Newborn Center Williams, Cheryl
Texas Children’s Specialty Care Bellaire Fuller, Monica
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Evezic, Luisa
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Koneman, Kyra
The Woodlands – Hospitalists Luong, Kathy
The Woodlands – Occupational Therapy Nanez, Lauren
The Woodlands – Pharmacy Lopez, Jennifer
The Woodlands – Pharmacy Service Smith, Amy
Transport Services Clay, Derrick
Urology Service Zink, Jessica
West Campus – Advanced Practice Providers Guidry, Emma
West Campus – Advanced Practice Providers Spadone, Melissa
West Campus – Audiology White, Morgan
West Campus – Emergency Center Becker, Kristin
West Campus – Emergency Center Peet, Alina
West Campus – Nursing Service Brown, Sharia
West Campus – Nutrition Services Emerson, Monica
West Campus – Nutrition Services Feges, Rebecca
West Campus – Orthopedic Surgery Fowler, Kimberly
West Campus – Pathology Department Tanglao, Patrick
Women’s Services Alva, Marcela
Women’s Services Equina, Angela
Women’s Services Sanderson, Kaitlyn