Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – December 11, 2017

Department Name
Facilities Operations Zeray, Yordanos
Human Resources Covington, Jovita
Information Services Galvan, Michelle
Pathology Department Amankwaa, Juliet
Pathology Department Vega, Joe
Pharmacy Services Leal, Roselyn
Pharmacy Services Nguyen, Anhoai
Pharmacy Services Riley, Danielle
Pharmacy Services Williams, LaNora
Respiratory Care Cole, Corrina
Respiratory Care Prater, Kristin
Respiratory Care Ramirez, Monica
Speech, Language & Learning Sterling, Laurie
Supply Chain Sandoval, Ana
Texas Children’s Health Plan Coffey, Michael
Texas Children’s Health Plan King Rich, Marjon
Texas Children’s Heart Center Boykin, Brandon
Texas Children’s Heart Center Gutierrez, Ashley
Texas Children’s Heart Center Joseph, Nicki
Texas Children’s Pediatrics FM 1960 Luckey, Clara
Texas Children’s Physician Service Organization Nava Becerril, Erika
The Woodlands – Operating Rooms Lane, Charity
West Campus – 5 West Izaguirre, Hazel
West Campus – Emergency Center Wilmore, Jonne
West Campus – Emergency Center York, Elyana
West Campus – Nutrition Services Kelly, Rebecca
West Campus – Respiratory Care Francis, Kyle
Women’s Services Del Bosque, Eva
Women’s Services Nyawera, Angelique
Women’s Services Pretty,
Women’s Services Smith, Aneesha