Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – August 6, 2018


Department Name
Ambulatory Services Martinez, Christine
Audiology Service Carbo, Shelby
Audiology Service Gross, Lauren
Clinical Research Center Bombarda, Emelina
Department of Social Work Tzoc, Astrid
Facilities Operations Couturier, Arnaud
Facilities Operations Diaz, Marco
Facilities Operations Johnson, Andrew
Facilities Operations Mendoza, Yanira
Health Information Management Ramirez, Alishia
Information Services Mutyala, Sujan
Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit Furl, Emily
Neurology Service Perry, Keiana
Nursing Service Lee, Jesstine
Nursing Service Matthews, Dominique
Nursing Service Woods, Jerica
Nutrition Services Ross, Karleigh
Pathology Department Long, Taylor
Pathology Department Wang, Meijuan
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Fernandez, Leisa
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Pruitt, Caresa
Pediatric Radiology Gage, Meagan
Pharmacy Services Garcia, Priscilla
Pharmacy Services Lemming, Katherine
Pharmacy Services Moore, Megan
Pharmacy Services Paek, Hana
Pharmacy Services Scarbrough, Stacie
Pharmacy Services Wyatt, Tempie
Philanthropy Department Hahn, Howard
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Rios, Amy
Quality and Outcomes Management Lloyd, Jamie
Quality and Outcomes Management Quindoy, Rodney
Renal Service Goldberg, Lisa
Renal Service Virola, Kaitlyn
Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Ferdinand, Jessica
Social Services Carlton, Abigail
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Meyer, Megan
Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center Bell, Eric
Texas Children’s Health Centers Davis, Keisha
Texas Children’s Health Centers Guzman, Angel
Texas Children’s Health Centers Kohlhauff, Sandra
Texas Children’s Health Centers – Cy-Fair Newburn, Carly
Texas Children’s Health Centers – Sugar Land Anderson, Myisha
Texas Children’s Health Plan Bolt, Jarred
Texas Children’s Health Plan Collier, John
Texas Children’s Health Plan McCall, Demetria
Texas Children’s Health Plan Simpson, Shannon
Texas Children’s Heart Center Banda, Maria
Texas Children’s Heart Center Burlson, Brittany
Texas Children’s Heart Center Cooper, Devon
Texas Children’s Heart Center Jones, Kathleen
Texas Children’s Heart Center Sanchez, Ingrid
Texas Children’s Heart Center Sibrian Hernandez, Victor
Texas Children’s Pediatrics MSO Thomlinson, Sarah
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Memorial Rios, Esther
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – West Campus Anaya, Abigail
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – West Campus Gonzalez, Maria
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – West Campus Ruiz, Jocelyn
The Woodlands – Heart Center Farrell, Tamara
The Woodlands – Intensive Care Unit Sepulveda, Joyce
The Woodlands – Nursing Service Smelley, Sara
The Woodlands – Orthopedic Surgery Andrews, Randell
The Woodlands – Orthopedic Surgery Jameson, Nicole
The Woodlands – Pathology Department Ewusie, Richard
The Woodlands – Post Anesthesia Care Unit Tipton, Elise
West Campus – Nutrition Services Mohseni, Maria
West Campus – Nutrition Services Poland, Tara
West Campus – Pathology Department Cowan, Jamesia
West Campus – Respiratory Care Baig, Ainee
West Campus – Respiratory Care Tudor, Ellen