Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees – August 21, 2017

Department Name
Corporate Financial Planning Findley, Brittany
Department of Social Work Schilling, Shelby
Financial Services Cuellar, Jennifer
Financial Services Nguyen, Ryan
Food and Nutrition Services Cottier, Brigitte
Information Services Rivera, Kenneth
Pathology Department Friedrich, Robert
Pathology Department Hubley, Mary
Pediatric Radiology McGee, Kristina
Psychology Department Leal, Arely
Pulmonary Unit/Adolescent Unit/Endocrine Unit Doan, Christine
Security Services Cadet, Siraj
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Okoye, Miracle
Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center Charles, Tenora
Texas Children’s Gordon Emergency Center Edgerton, Sara
The Center for Women and Children – Southwest Ramirez, Miguel
The Woodlands – Acute Care Floor 5 Graham, Venado
The Woodlands – Security Services Arellano, Sandra
The Woodlands – Security Services Neilson, David
West Campus – Security Services Soto, Timothy
Women’s Services Avad, Bereniz
Women’s Services Guien, Felicia