Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees

Department Name
Allergy and Immunology Service Edward, Beverly
Bellaire Specialty Care Clinic Abdullah, Shaheedah
Bellaire Specialty Care Clinic Nedbalek, Jordan
Business Services Bailey, Lashaunda
Business Services Barajaz, Yvonne
Business Services Spivey, Shamyrian
Business Services Vasquez, Valarie
Care Management Mungo Harris, Charmaine
Child Life Department Wood, Ashley
Clinical Research Center Blanco, Victor
Clinical Research Center Osorio, James
Facilities Planning and Development Rivera, Pedro
Food and Nutrition Services Bullock, Amanda
Food and Nutrition Services Nygard, Lauren
Health Information Management Harris, Shelly
Health Information Management Young, Dominique
Information Services Nguyen, Johnson
Nursing Service Callis, Marcus
Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Davis, Kelly
Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Kaiser, Camille
Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy McKinney, Christy
Pathology Service Harmon, LaRhonda
Pathology Service Molea, Celestine
Pediatric Surgical Service Vest, Kathleen
Pharmacy Services Wilson, Melanie
Post Anesthesia Care Unit Hernandez, Yesenia
Quality and Outcomes Management Crusor, Laura
Renal Service Tijerina, Esperanza
Residents Primary Care Group, General Medicine, Retrovirology Clinic Barajas, Erica
Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers Barhum, Adaneli
Texas Children’s Health Plan Alvarez Hernandez, Lizzette
Texas Children’s Health Plan Andropoulos, Katherine
Texas Children’s Health Plan Bowman, Beverly
Texas Children’s Health Plan Clark, Kinetha
Texas Children’s Health Plan Nguyen, Vinh
Texas Children’s Health Plan Nixon, Robbie
Texas Children’s Health Plan Rios, Rodolfo
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center – Greenspoint Hunter, Jvonne
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center – Greenspoint Venegas-Gonzalez, Alina
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center – Pharmacy Nguyen, Nga
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center – Southwest Calderon, Victoria
Texas Children’s Health Plan – The Center – Southwest Cano, Carmen
Texas Children’s Pediatrics Central Business Office Alejos, Astrid
Texas Children’s Physician Service Organization Ream, Sharlette
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – Cinco Ranch Cortez, Hilary
Texas Children’s Urgent Care – The Woodlands Garner, Jody
The Woodlands – Allergy and Immunology Wisnoski, Breanna
The Woodlands – Biomedical Engineering Sullivan, Christopher
The Woodlands – Cancer Center Mercado Nuyda, Imelda
The Woodlands – Care Management Wandell, Esther
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Felton, Nicole
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Jaimes, Daisy
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Jordan, Christina
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Kaiser, Kenneth
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Kikunga, Tremanisha
The Woodlands – Emergency Center McKinney, Christopher
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Perkins, Ashley
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Stewart, Christopher
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Wilson, Courtney
The Woodlands – Food and Nutrition Services Yzquierdo, Katelyn
The Woodlands – Gastroenterology and Nutrition Service Echeandia, Tyschia
The Woodlands – Hospitalists Torie, Caitlin
The Woodlands – Inpatient Floor 1 Miller, Summer
The Woodlands – Intensive Care Unit Castro, Victoria
The Woodlands – Intensive Care Unit Lee, Rachael
The Woodlands – Lactation Support Jackson, Alethea
The Woodlands – Neurology Davis, Robin
The Woodlands – Nursing Service Thompson, Heather
The Woodlands – Operating Rooms Williams, Johnta
The Woodlands – Orthopedic Surgery Cartagena, Jasmin
The Woodlands – Pathology Salamanca, Erika
The Woodlands – Patient and Family Services Santamaria, Jose
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology Franco, Enrique
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology Lindstrom, Karen
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology McCarter, Tori
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology Ramirez, Nikkita
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology Rule, Sergio
The Woodlands – Pediatric Radiology Ventura, Gabriela
The Woodlands – Security Services Kuchta, Jon
The Woodlands – Security Services Nelson, Abrian
The Woodlands – Security Services Rodriguez, David
Transport Services Cauthen, Hanna
Transport Services Walsh, Scott
West Campus – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Smith, Tyler
West Campus – Pharmacy Ha, Lam
Women’s Services De Jesus, Karen
Women’s Services Prieto, Eva
Women’s Services Stephen, Bridgett
Women’s Services Woo, Korinne