Additions to the Texas Children’s family: New employees

Department Name
Care Management Henderson, Erica
Department of Social Work Burke, Kendra
Department of Social Work Kohn, Kristina
Diabetes/Endocrinology Care Center Escobedo, Denisse
Diabetes/Endocrinology Care Center Hardeman, Jasmia
Diabetes/Endocrinology Care Center Watt, Constance
Pediatric Surgery Parrish, Valerie
Security Services Brannen, Christopher
Security Services Wilson, Brent
Texas Children’s Health Plan AbrahamVarghese, Roby
Texas Children’s Health Plan Zhang, Xue
The Woodlands – Emergency Center Daniel, Lauren
The Woodlands – Hospitalists McGee, Stephanie
The Woodlands – Security Services Malone, Michael
The Woodlands – Security Services Mann, Charles
Urology Service Castellanos, Yazmin
Urology Service Williamson, Brie

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