2016 Catalyst Leadership Award: Call for nominations

It’s now been five years since the Board of Trustees has honored me by creating the Mark A. Wallace Catalyst Leadership Award. In that time, we have recognized 20 of our finest leaders from all levels of the organization. Each has receive a number of special honors which include being honored at the annual Employee Recognition Celebration, invited to senior leadership meetings, and mentored by an executive. Additionally, the Catalyst Leaders of the Year were given the opportunity to further develop their talents by completing advanced training at a renowned institution.

Throughout my career, my number one maxim has been that leadership always influences and determines outcomes – not some of the time but all of the time. I believe that, each and every day, you and I have a choice about what kind of leader we will be, no matter what role we play on Texas Children’s team.

In keeping with that belief, people at all levels of Texas Children’s workforce can be nominated for the Catalyst Leadership Award. Eligible nominees include all employees, formal leaders (excluding executives), physicians, and volunteers who have two or more years of service with Texas Children’s.

Before Friday, July 31, I encourage you to consider nominating someone whose personal leadership and contributions have positively impacted a team, a patient, a family, a process, an outcome, or any element of our mission. I will carefully review all nominations in partnership with other selection committee members, including representatives from Texas Children’s Board of Trustees, our senior executive team, and Human Resources.

We all work with someone whose actions are the catalyst for the best possible outcomes. Who will you nominate? Click here to submit your nomination.

In closing, I proudly congratulate our 2015 Catalyst Leadership Award recipients: Jeanine Graf, M.D., Jenn Jacome, Wayne Toote, Ketrese White, and our Catalyst Leader of the Year, Trent Johnson.

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