Texas Children’s employees receive gift from executive team

December 23, 2014


The holidays came early this year for Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine employees thanks to their hard work and dedication to the women and children they serve each and every day.

On December 19, all Texas Children’s Hospital employees and Texas Children’s based Baylor College of Medicine faculty and staff received a $50 gift card to Walmart from the Texas Children’s executive team as a token of appreciation for their contribution and commitment, and as a tribute to their service and hard work.

“Thank you for exemplifying our incredible culture, always putting service before self as you care for our patients, their families, your loved ones, and one another,” says a thank you note signed by all members of the executive team. “We are grateful for all you do, each and every day, to ensure Texas Children’s remains the very finest place to work, practice medicine, and receive care.”

Surgeon-in-Chief Dr. Charles D. Fraser Jr. was one of the executives who signed the note and said people who work at Texas Children’s are very special people.

“They decided to come here because they believe it’s a great thing to take care of children, their mothers and families,” Fraser said. “They are cut out a different cloth. That’s why we need to remember to take care of each other.”

Linda Aldred, a senior vice president with Texas Children’s, said, “Regardless of the role, we have seen remarkable service and hard work at every level of the organization this past year.”

“Our team member’s actions have had a tremendous impact on Texas Children’s, both big and small,” Aldred said. “We are grateful for their contribution and commitment and as a tribute to their service and hard work, we want to say thank you!”