Valentine’s Day video: Texas Children’s couples share how they balance work and love

February 11, 2014

What’s better than having passion for the mission and knowing your spouse is in the same boat? It’s like a real life reality show for many couples at Texas Children’s who get to see their loved ones not just after hours but sometimes even run into them serendipitously around the organization.

Dr. George Mallory and his wife Debbie, Dr. Larry Hollier and his wife Dr. Lisa Hollier along with Tony Sanders and his wife Regina Barnett-Sanders tell us what it’s like to see your spouse around the halls or even ride to work together. Plus an update from last year’s engaged couples, newlyweds Tarra Kerr and Dan Christopher along with Sarah and Aaron Solis talk about their weddings and the moments they shared with their coworkers that made their special days memorable.

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