May 14, 2019

On his blog this week, Mark Wallace honors his sweet, lively mother, Mollie Wallace, who gave him a lifetime of joy and love. More

February 20, 2018

Texas Children’s President and CEO Mark Wallace recently enjoyed an intimate surprise celebration in the building that bears his name. Last week, a few leaders, staff members and Texas Children’s ukulele choir joined him for the unveiling of a new plaque, which officially dedicates the building in his honor.

“Thank you so very much for this,” Wallace said to the choir and the small crowd. “I’m deeply honored by this special moment with all of you.”

As Wallace approached the bridge, he was surprised by a small crowd and the ukulele choir, which sang an original song that music therapists Marial Biard and Alex Brickley composed about Wallace’s legacy of leadership.

Acts of leadership create tidal waves of growth.
Pledging your life to accelerate healthcare.
You’re an exemplar of this oath.

Those are just a few lyrics from the ukulele choir’s song, The Texas Children’s Way. Brickley, who co-leads the choir with Biard, said The Texas Children’s Way is the lyrical epitome of Wallace’s vision for the hospital.

“We wanted to make sure we used Texas Children’s core values in the lyrics,” Brickley said. “We knew we wanted to incorporate those because that’s what Mark Wallace said leadership is about and that’s what Texas Children’s stands for.”

The choir includes employees of all professions and allows them a break during the day to step away from work, relax, and learn music. The choir performs for our patients and is often requested for employee events.

The newly unveiled plaque hangs at the end of The Auxiliary Bridge near the third-floor entrance to Wallace Tower. Previously, Texas Children’s 16-floor clinical building had been the Clinical Care Tower. In March, Texas Children’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to rename the building Mark A. Wallace Tower in honor of our long-time President and CEO.

Wallace took the reins of Texas Children’s Hospital in 1989, and under his leadership, Texas Children’s has become the largest and most comprehensive pediatric and women’s health care organization in the nation. Although obviously surprised by the small celebration, Wallace immediately offered a few words of aspiration and a promise.

“Even though we’ve done a lot in these last several years together, the best is yet to come,” Wallace said.

Special thanks to the ukulele choir members who performed at Mr. Wallace’s plaque unveiling:
Saharay Alamos-Almeida
Marial Biard
Alix Brickley
Ashby Gleditsch
Amanda Harris
Caley Johns
David Kolacny
Nick Ryan Magdoza
Danh K Nguyen
Halle Nick
Hannah Nilsen
Ashley Wood

January 3, 2018

Texas Children’s President and CEO Mark A. Wallace is committed to meeting every employee at Texas Children’s, and one way he does that is during his new employee reception.

This past reception was filled with team spirit, Texas Children’s pride, and a high-energy atmosphere as the reception has been re-branded into a New Employee Pep Rally! During the Pep Rally, new employees had the opportunity to hear from and meet Wallace while celebrating Texas Children’s employees, staff and culture.

The pep rally style reception falls in line with Texas Children’s recently rebranded new employee orientation called Texas Children’s Hi.

More than 500 new employees were invited to attend the Pep Rally on November 27 and from the moment team members arrived, they shared their excitement to be with Texas Children’s! Red foam fingers, megaphones, and pom-poms helped fire up team spirit, while pictures of each Texas Children’s Hi class scrolled like a virtual “Yearbook” for all attendees to enjoy.

New employees, leaders, and assigned “buddies” mixed, mingled, and snapped selfies around the room. To close the event, team captain – Wallace – celebrated what our team had accomplished and what’s ahead as our one amazing team keeps growing!

Congratulations 2017 Armadillo Class!

August 16, 2017

Two weeks ago, Mark Wallace launched a four-week leadership challenge on his blog that highlights employees who demonstrate his Maxims of Leadership and poses a leadership question that you may respond to in the comments section of the blog post.

In September, the Corporate Communications team will collect all of your comments and draw the names of 100 commenters to attend a private event with the Houston Texans, including a behind-the-scenes tour of NRG Stadium, an autograph session with two Houston Texans football players and photos with the Texans cheerleaders.

So make sure you respond to the question at the end of Mr. Wallace’s blog post to be entered to win!

The autograph session and tour are a great way to bring the awesome players of two winning teams together. At Texas Children’s Hospital, everyone is a leader, and we are looking forward to hearing from leaders across the entire organization over the next few weeks.

This opportunity is one of the benefits of the Texas Children’s Hospital partnership with the Houston Texans football team. Since our launch in 2015, we have reached thousands of children in our local communities through fun, educational camps, school programs, special hospital visits and appearances with the Texans players, cheerleaders and TORO. Together, Texas Children’s and the Houston Texans are inspiring children in our community to lead healthier, more active lives.

Click here to watch a video about how Texas Children’s and the Houston Texans are leading in patient care and on the football field every single day.

Click below to read and comment on the two Leadership Challenge blog posts that are already on the blog.

Maxim 1 – “Leadership always influences or determines outcomes not some of the time, but all of the time.”

Maxim 2 – “Leadership applies to everyone.”

June 6, 2017

For Mark Wallace’s 20th anniversary as president and CEO, the Texas Children’s Board of Trustees created the Mark A. Wallace Catalyst Leadership Award in recognition of his commitment to leadership.

Since that time, Texas Children’s has recognized 30 of its finest leaders from all levels within the organization. Each has received a number of special honors which include mentoring by an executive, attending senior leadership meetings, being honored at the annual Employee Recognition Celebration, and for the past couple of years, a Texans home game made possible through our partnership with the Houston Texans. Additionally, the Catalyst Leaders of the Year were given the opportunity to further develop their talents by completing advanced training at a renowned leadership institution.

Wallace’s No. 1 maxim is, “Leadership always influences and determines outcomes – not some of the time but all of the time.” He believes each and every day people have a choice about what kind of leader they will be, no matter what role they serve at Texas Children’s.

In keeping with this maxim, people at all levels of the Texas Children’s workforce can be nominated for the 2018 Catalyst Leadership Award. Eligible nominees include all employees, formal leaders (excluding executives), physicians, and volunteers who have two or more years of service with Texas Children’s.

Everyone is encouraged to consider nominating someone whose personal leadership and contributions have positively impacted a team, a patient, a family, a process, an outcome, or any element of our mission while living our core values. Wallace will carefully review all nominations in partnership with other selection committee members, including representatives from Texas Children’s Board of Trustees, our senior executive team, and Human Resources after the nomination period closes at midnight on Friday, June 30.

You may visit the Catalyst Leadership Award website for complete details about the nomination process and this select leadership recognition and development program.

We all work with someone whose actions are the catalyst for the best possible outcomes. Who will you nominate?

March 3, 2017

One of Texas Children’s most recognizable buildings now has a brand new name. The Clinical Care Tower has been renamed the Mark A. Wallace Tower in honor of Texas Children’s long-time President and CEO.

The announcement of the renaming came at the culmination of a Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday evening. It was the work of the Board and a complete surprise to Wallace. As the meeting appeared to arrive at its routine close, Board Chair Ann Lents opened the doors of the board room to welcome a few guests – Wallace’s wife Shannon and the entire Executive Council. Lents then proceeded with reading the Board’s resolution to rename the building in honor of Wallace’s 27 years of leadership and service to the organization.

“When you came to Texas Children’s, our hospital was a good but regional provider,” Lents said. “Now Texas Children’s is the largest and most comprehensive provider of children’s and women’s services. You brought a sense of mission and unbounding energy and a generosity of spirit to the job that are all the more remarkable given that you’ve been at it since 1989.”

Wallace and his wife were filled with emotion as the announcement unfolded in the room of about 100 Board members and executives. Expressing his appreciation, Wallace recognized the commitment of the Board, staff and dedicated employees.

“When [late Board member] George Peterkin recruited me, he convinced me that with this Board, Dr. Feigin and this community that we could do something incredible,” Wallace said. “I never imagined anything like this. We’ve gone from one location, seven floors, 350,000 square feet and 1,400 employees to all of this because of the Board, the great medical staff and our employees. Our employees are so committed to this organization and to the children, women and families we take care of. I can’t adequately put into words how much this means to me.”

When Wallace took the helm of Texas Children’s in 1989, the hospital was still contained in a single building – the seven-story Abercrombie Building. The West Tower and Clinical Care Tower (now, the current Feigin Tower) were completed shortly after in 1991. In 2003, as part of a $345 million project, the West Tower was expanded and a new, 16-floor Clinical Care Tower was built at the corner of Holcombe and Fannin. The building houses most of Texas Children’s outpatient clinics, including Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers, Neurology and Orthopedics.

Because of the prominent location of the clinical building, it continues to be one of the most visible of the Texas Children’s medical center buildings, making it a perfect choice for the naming honor. But Lents noted that the honor is a milestone in a continuing journey.

“This is not a capstone naming, this is an interim recognition,” Lents said. “We are looking forward to many more years of your leadership.”


WHEREAS, upon arriving at Texas Children’s as President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark A. Wallace stated that “my goal is for Texas Children’s to be the preeminent pediatric hospital in the world”;

WHEREAS, in his pursuit of that goal, Mark A. Wallace’s visionary leadership and tireless commitment have elevated Texas Children’s to a level of excellence and preeminence not even imagined when he joined Texas Children’s in 1989;

WHEREAS, integral to the goal of preeminence, Mark A. Wallace’s vision has encompassed and supported the development of leaders at all levels, based on his steadfast belief that “leadership always influences or determines outcomes — not some of the time, but all of the time”;

WHEREAS, the members of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s wish to express their deep gratitude and sincere appreciation to Mark A. Wallace and honor, recognize and commemorate his inspirational leadership as well as his unwavering pursuit of excellence;

IT IS NOW, THEREFORE, RESOLVED that in recognition of his devotion and personal commitment to Texas Children’s, we hereby rename the Clinical Care Tower as the Mark A. Wallace Tower at Texas Children’s Hospital; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees looks forward to many more years of Mark A. Wallace’s commitment and extraordinary leadership in guiding Texas Children’s to continued preeminence in creating a healthier future for children and women throughout our global community by leading in patient care, education and research.

UNANIMOUSLY adopted this 12th day of January, 2017.

July 7, 2016

This week a year ago – July 6 to be exact – Texas Children’s President and CEO Mark Wallace kicked off his One Amazing Team tour, visiting Texas Children’s team members at all of our locations throughout Greater Houston. The whirlwind, 73-stop tour took more than three-and-a-half months, covered about 750 miles and touched nearly 1,800 Texas Children’s staff and employees.

In case you missed it, here’s an awesome video capturing all the excitement of last year’s One Amazing Team tour!