Guidelines to giving, receiving gifts at work

The holidays are approaching, and with that comes the gift-giving season! In your role at Texas Children’s, you might have encountered situations where patients, Health Plan members, or vendors want to give you gifts to express their gratitude. And you’ve probably thought to yourself, can I accept the gift? Depending on your job, accepting a Read More…


Texas Children’s Celebrates Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week November 6 – 10

At Texas Children’s, we are committed to leading tirelessly in maintaining an ethical workplace. Every day, we hold each other accountable to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. To recognize and promote the importance of integrity and ethics at Texas Children’s, we will be celebrating National Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week during the Read More…


Doing what’s right: Compliance and Privacy Office hosts awareness events

At Texas Children’s, doing what’s right is of the utmost importance to maintaining the quality of care we provide our patients, their families, and our Health Plan members. That’s why the role of the Compliance and Privacy Office is integral to our organization’s health and success. The office’s team is committed to maintaining the highest Read More…


Code of Ethical Behavior

The Texas Children’s Code of Ethical Behavior sets forth the guidelines that govern our interactions among workforce members, patients, and vendors, and sets expectations for our behavior, in order to ensure we achieve our purpose in full compliance with our values and the law.   Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why does Texas Children’s have a Read More…


Texas Children’s celebrates Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week

The level of integrity of corporations has gained worldwide attention – often for the wrong reasons. But increasingly, organizations are recognizing that a strong compliance and ethics program is not just a smart idea, it’s good for business. To acknowledge the positive impact of corporate compliance and ethics on organizations, the Health Care Compliance Association Read More…