Pavilion for Women 5-year anniversary: A look back at the Bump Watch blog

“The Bump Watch blog was such a great sense of community for new moms and a great forum to come together to share ideas and experiences,” said Texas Children’s employee Emily Klein, who delivered her daughter, Audrey, two days after Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women opened five years ago. Launched by the Corporate Communications team Read More…


Fond farewell to Bump Watch: Blog ending after 3 years, half million views

Today marks a bittersweet moment: after more than three years, we are saying farewell to the Bump Watch blog. As we close this final chapter of Bump Watch, Angela Hudson, Hasti Taghi and Rosie Moore share some of their fondest moments about this journey. And we revisit several Bump Watch families to see just how Read More…


Bump Watch blog: A love letter to my son on his first birthday

Dear Cameron, Why fit in when you were born to stand out. One year ago on July 17, you burst into the world. Your daddy raced us to Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, and just 26 minutes later, you were born. After getting over the initial shock of your quick arrival, it sunk in that Read More…


Bump Watch: Down Syndrome – Our family’s unexpected journey

By Dr. Katherine Leaming-Van Zandt Our world shifted when we were told that our son had Down syndrome. Although I was 37 years old, and acutely aware of my “advanced maternal age,” I was more apprehensive of the sleepless nights and non-stop feeds and diaper changes versus the risk for a chromosomal abnormality. Intermittently, I Read More…


Bump Watch: Countdown until our baby daughter arrives

By Janielle Harrison In less than a month, my husband, Terrence, and I will welcome the arrival of our precious daughter, Addison, at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. Her expected delivery date is July 24. While most mothers-to-be discover their expecting after taking a simple home pregnancy test, that wasn’t the case for me. I Read More…