Reminder: Send Valentine’s Day cheer to Texas Children’s patients


It’s time to spread the love. Many patients who spend Valentine’s Day with us don’t get to be a part of their school’s Valentine’s Day celebrations and miss out on the opportunity to exchange Valentine’s with other kids their age. That’s where you come in!

Texas Children’s Patient Activities Team makes sure these kids get to celebrate the holiday. The team is sponsoring a Valentine’s Day card drive Monday, February 2, through Friday, February 6. This year’s drive is only a week long and only handmade cards are being accepted, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of our patients.

The cards will be delivered to patients on inpatient floors Friday, February 13. To volunteer for card delivery, e-mail Irma Vargas.

Signed Valentine’s Day cards can be placed in collection boxes at the following locations starting February 2.

  • Abercrombie first-floor information desk
  • Meyer Building first-floor security desk
  • West Tower third-floor information desk
  • Nabisco Building (in the cafeteria)
  • 8080 N. Stadium Drive
  • Bank of America Building 12th floor

Please do not include any patient names, religious statements or get well messages on the cards. For example, you may write “to a cool kid” or “to a friend.” Here are additional guidelines:

  • Use bond paper and non-toxic markers, crayons or water-based paints only.
  • Draw with stencils or decorate with stickers.
  • Do not glue solid items on the cards.
  • Do not use glitter or glitter glue.
  • Do not include anything edible on or with the cards.
  • Do not include any religious messages.
  • Do not specify gender, name or ethnicity.