Orange Out Texas Children’s

How ‘bout them ‘Stros! With their pride, passion, and perseverance, our Houston Astros are in the 2017 American League Division Series (ADLS). During a very difficult time in Houston with Hurricane Harvey, our professional sports teams were a ray of hope on and off the field. Like Texas Children’s, our hometown heroes were STURDY during the storm and volunteered their time while they continued to win.

Now, let’s show the Astros our gratitude and one-of-a-kind Texas Children’s spirit and “Orange Out Houston” by wearing the color orange tomorrow, October 5, and Friday, October 6. They will be facing the Red Sox in Houston before heading to Boston for game three.

The Houston Astros have amazing leaders, but it is through Amplifying Unity as a team they made it to the ALDS. Let’s help the ‘Stros “Earn It” by wearing orange and helping Orange Out Houston!

Play Ball!