New Badge Access Request Form instructions

Security Leadership has developed an electronic “Security Badge Access Request Form” to replace the paper form currently used. This form will be effective Sunday, January 1, 2017. The new electronic form will be located on the Connect home page under Resources (gray box)/Connect forms/Security Service Requests/Badge Access Application Form. There are a few changes to the look and process of filling out the electronic form compared to the paper form. Click here for specific instructions.

Instructions to fill out form:

  1. Requestor – Supervisor or above (Security Service Center will verify authority for approval of requests)
  2. Employee ID # – Enter the PeopleSoft employee number if the request is for a Texas Children’s Hospital employee. If the request is for a contractor enter 0.
  3. Select badge type:
    • Employee – Texas Children’s employee
    • Contractor – Anyone not a Texas Children’s employee, but is contracted to work in a Texas Children’s facility
    • Intern, observer, student, temporary, tenant, visitor, volunteer – These are other types of badge requests that can be made with this form. Under “additional comments/requests: describe Texas Children’s Hospital contact for this individual and areas that the individual will be working.
  4. Texas Children’s Hospital badge # – If the employee already has a Texas Children’s Hospital badge, enter the number on the back of the badge. It will be a six digit number preceded by a * sign. If the individual does not have a Texas Children’s badge enter “New” in the space.
  5. Fill out the rest of the personal information.

Access level requests

The access levels are divided into four categories. More than one access area may be chosen in the drop-down menu.

  • Level 1General access – All employees or contractors needing access into the general areas of Texas Children’s Hospital.
  • Level 2Role-based access – Employees or contractors who have a role that spans several departments or multiple areas for access. This level will need a higher level of approvals and my take longer to process the request.
  • Level 3Department-based access – Employees or contractors assigned access due to the department they work in and require a certain level of access into the area.
  • Level 4Restricted access – Highest level of access for critical areas that have a level of training and approval to obtain. This level may take longer to process the request due to verification of training, background checks, etc.

Any additional individual card reader doors that are requested can be done through the “Additional Comment/Requests” portion of the form.


Under “Additional Comments/Requests” the following information will need to be entered:

  • Company name
  • Company supervisor
  • Texas Children’s Hospital contact who is managing the contractor and authorizes them being on the property.

Approval process

At the bottom of the form there is an approval portion. The approval must be submitted to the employee’s immediate director/assistant director who has authority over the access area that is being requested for the badge access.

For access requests that are vetted through multiple directors, the employee’s immediate director would be used for approval and then the Security Service Center will email the other directors who oversee the requested access areas for approval. Once approved or declined a verification email will be sent back to the requestor from the Security Service Center with information about the badge access request.Once the access has been placed on the badge, a confirmation email will be generated that the request has been completed with the activation date.

For more information

Contact Cheyne Day at 832-824-2503.

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