Green Team celebrates Earth Day


Did you know your phone charger plugged into an outlet uses energy even if it’s not in use? In fact, any electronics that are kept plugged in use energy even when they’re not turned on. Did you know that just turning off just your computer monitor could conserve energy? Did you know that Texas Children’s Green Team has helped save the organization $10.3 million in energy costs since 2008 by promoting an environmentally friendly workplace?

Earth Day was a day to celebrate all that the team has done to initiate a change and direct a move toward a decreased environmental footprint. It was also a time to get you, the employees, involved in the efforts to go green. On April 22, employees joined the Earth Day celebrations by learning about energy conservation from vendors at bridge events, taking “green” selfies at the Main and West Camps “selfie stations” and attending the tree plantings on each campus.

View the Texas Children’s Earth Day photo gallery below.

Here are some tips to go green at work:
Drink green: You don’t need to join the green juice movement, but remember to bring your reusable cups and mugs to the office so you can refill your water or coffee without refilling the trash cans.
Make a memo pad: Reuse unwanted paper by making up memo pads. Just a couple of staples and you’ve got a handy pad for phone messages, notes or lists.
Join the team: Join Texas Children’s Green Team by emailing your name and your department so you can get involved when help is needed in your area. Just email: Teamgreen@texaschildrens.org

Texas Children’s Earth Day photo gallery: