Emergency pay practices, parking reimbursements and financial assistance

It’s important to us, as your leaders, to provide you with programs and services to help you during difficult times. Below, we’ve outlined how we will handle pay practices and time off in response to the current incident. In addition, we’ve provided information about acquiring financial assistance.

Emergency pay

  • An organization-wide CARLA was activated at 10 a.m. today. Emergency pay practices will be applied retroactively to 7 a.m.
  • All non-exempt employees working as of 7 a.m. will receive an Emergency differential of $5 per hour for hours worked during the CARLA. This differential will be in addition to their regular pay, including any applicable differentials and overtime.
  • Exempt employees who are working during the CARLA will be paid their regular salary.

Employees sleeping on campus

  • Non-exempt employees who are required to stay at the hospital or in designated sleeping areas during their time-off shift will be paid at their regular hourly rate for this time with overtime being calculated in accordance with FLSA guidelines (over 40 hours). No differentials will be paid during this period.
  • A maximum of 8 hours within a 24-hour period will be classified as sleep time and/or time required to be on campus but not working. Any hours in excess of 8 hours in a 24-hour period will be classified as time worked with all standard differentials applying.
  • Exempt employees will not receive additional pay for sleeping on campus.


  • Employees calling in due to road conditions will be coded as PTO.  If the employee does not have PTO, then it is unpaid time.
  • Employees calling in due to childcare limitations resulting from school closures also will be coded as PTO.  If the employee does not have PTO, then it is unpaid time.
  • Employees who called in due to illness will be coded as PTU.

Department and clinic closures or employees sent home

  • Employees who are part of a department or clinic closure will be coded as PTO.
  • Regarding employees asked to go home after arriving for their normal shift:
    • Non-exempt employees should use their PTO accruals.  If the employee does not have PTO, then it is unpaid time. Non-exempt employees will not be charged PTO in periods of less than one (1) hour.
    • Exempt employees will be paid regular salary for their entire shift.

Parking reimbursement

  • Employees who had to park in a location for which their parking card does not provide access will be reimbursed. This includes Metro bus riders who pulled tokens.
  • Night shift employees who would normally leave the garage by 7 a.m., but had to pay because they were asked to remain on shift longer will be reimbursed.
  • You must have a parking receipt to receive reimbursement. Payments will be reimbursed through eBer. Requests must be submitted and approved by May 7.

Employee Financial Assistance Fund

  • We recognize that some of our employees and their families have suffered losses due to the weather event. Please remember that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) may be able to help.
  • To learn more about EAP services, please visit the EAP Connect site or contact the EAP at 832-824-3327 or eap@texaschildrens.org.

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