Clinical Research Center/Research Resources Office presents research award to Debbie Barrera

June 5, 2018

The Clinical Research Center/Research Resources Office presented the Clinical Research Award for Second Quarter 2018 to Debbie Barrera, nurse manager, Research Resources Office (RRO).

This award was established by the Clinical Research Center in collaboration with the Research Resources Office to recognize and honor individual contributions to protecting the best interest of the research subjects and compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Debbie does not have just one research focus. She works on many studies and is the nurse manager for the RRO research coordinators.

“I had the great fortune of joining the Research Resources Office (RRO) in 2015 as nurse manager,” said Barrera. “I feel very honored to be part of such a great team. In the time since I joined the RRO, the department has tripled in size and continues to expand. The RRO team provides support to pediatric departments at Texas Children’s Hospital requiring assistance with research management. It has been very rewarding to work with and watch the RRO team grow and gain expert research knowledge in multiple settings. My job has provided a wonderful opportunity to work with a group of dedicated researchers who provide safe and effective research. And most importantly, it is always a pleasure to see positive outcomes for so many of our patients.”