Celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week

As National Patient Safety Awareness Week kicks off this week, Texas Children’s hosted several activities on The Auxiliary Bridge on March 14. This year’s theme is Every Day is Patient Safety Day.

Texas Children’s cares for some of the country’s most critically ill patients, and we all understand safe, quality care for every patient is the most important responsibility of each staff member and employee here. The key to creating an environment of safe patient care is ensuring our staff and employees are equipped with the knowledge and tools to take preventive action.

Texas Children’s Chief Safety Officer Dr. Joan Shook says delivering clear, concise and complete communication is paramount to ensuring the safest possible patient care. When everyone speaks a common language and shares the same expectations, we can eliminate preventable harm to patients.

Every Texas Children’s employee – regardless of their job title or position – plays an important role in cultivating a harm-free environment for our patients.

Also, as part of Texas Children’s continuing efforts to improve the safety of our patients, we will be asking hospital staff and providers this March to complete the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research’s (AHRQ’s) Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture. When you receive this survey, we hope you will take the opportunity to give feedback on your experience of patient safety at Texas Children’s.

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