Bump Watch: The journey from a bump to an energetic two year old

February 18, 2014

By Emily Klein

We’re getting ready to celebrate Audrey’s 2nd birthday and what a wonderful ride it has been! We’ve gone from a quiet easygoing baby who just wants to be held, to an energetic, curious and thriving two year-old. Her outdoor slide is often moved inside so she can burn some energy if the weather is bad or if it’s nighttime. She loves to read, and it’s usually the same book over and over. Every Saturday after breakfast she goes to the back door because she knows it is activity day and we have something fun in store. The zoo, aquariums, trains, boats, and eating out in restaurants are her favorite things. There really never is a dull moment, and it’s shown us a whole new side of life.

Having a 2 year old is a wildly different experience from the infant stage, but it has all been a great deal of fun. She started her “terrible twos” a few months early, so we’re more than prepared for her actual birthday.

Choosing a pediatrician

We’re very fortunate that she has been happy and healthy throughout. Choosing a pediatrician was a bit scary, but you couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with to seek advice. Through a recommendation of a colleague we chose Texas Children’s Pediatrics Houston Pediatric Associates in Bellaire, and the shared practice of Dr. Schlegel and Dr. Lasics.

The interview

We wanted someone we were comfortable with and who we knew would be there to answer our questions. As a new parent you have and ask lots of questions. We interviewed them to see what our gut reaction was, and they were chosen on the spot.

Location, location, location

The location also mattered since our work and her daycare are around the area. We needed to be able to move quickly in case of an emergency.

The Texas Children’s care

Texas Children’s was always going to be our choice because we know we have the finest physicians offering the best care.

Advice to new parents

My advice would be to gather referrals. Knowing our colleagues have used the same pediatrician throughout their children’s lives made us more comfortable. Always interview the candidates with your child so you can see how you feel about them and how they are with your baby.

The office has always been responsive to phone calls and same day appointments. They’ve always walked us through any concerns day or night and are wonderful with understanding new parent worries and questions. The doctors and staff are very good with her, and have even caught her sitting in “timeout” when they are ready to see her. Like we said, terrible twos started early. We’re grateful for the care and attention she receives, and most of all grateful for a wonderful healthy 2 year old.

Relish every minute with your curiously active 2 year old – even if they do act up from time to time. They really do show you how to be young again!